2 Articles from November 2016

  • BBC1 Xtra Culture and Identity

    BBC1 Xtra Culture and Identity Wednesday 16th November I was invited to be a panellist on BBC1 Xtra’s Culture & Identity debate. This was part of the BBC’s Black and British season. Without a doubt I was excited and accepted this offer, as I have been pinned to the Black is the new Black on BBC 2, so to be a part of this was incredible not only as a Comedienne but as a Black British Women. There was never any apprehension regards to taking part however there’s always a sense of being unsure, when addressing such topics. Let’s be honest race and racism has been a hot topic. I could only interpret this invite as something positive and embraced it fully, my notion was, Just be yourself Judi!...read more
  • Up The Creek

    Thursday the 3rd of November was an exciting night, one because “Sorry I didn’t Know’ was being aired for the first time on ITV, but I was also performing at Up the creek, Blackout competition, I applied 6 weeks previously so the anticipation was defiantly surfacing on the actually day, especially as this was my first ever time performing at the renowned Up The Creek Comedy Club. The buzz from being on ITV the same evening that I would be performing was unreal. So I arrived around 7.30m to register, faced with 14 other comedian not knowing what their act was like and what the audience expectations would be....read more